FYX Gaming is the future of Metaverse Protocol.

The vision of FYX Gaming is to create a Decentralized, Permission-less, & Open Metaverse Protocol. How? We begin with our flagship game.

» Creators of CryptoFights
» Fantasy d20 Combat Blockchain Game, now available on Google Play
» 200k+ Registered Users
» 1,3k+ Daily Active Players
» 20+ Million Txn in a day

The technology we’re developing enables quick, efficient, and affordable transactions within and outside an application’s economy without fragmenting the ecosystem. With FYX Gaming becoming the engine that computes and processes the transactions for the metaverse, we can usher in a new technological frontier in how consumers utilize applications.

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The future of gaming in the metaverse. Everything you need to know about the future of FYX Gaming & CryptoFights.


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