Why CryptoFights is built on Bitcoin SV

CryptoFights is different from the majority of the games available in the market right now for many different reasons.

CryptoFights is a skill-based strategy fighting game that that's built on Bitcoin SV.

One of the differentiators for CryptoFights compared to most video games is that it uses blockchain technology, specifically Bitcoin SV (BSV). Why is CryptoFights built on BSV? Why not any other technology? Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. Easily scalable

In a recent article with Unbounded Capital, Kronoverse CEO & founder Adam Kling stated that BSV made sense because it facilitated quick, economical transactions.

“We originally were building on Ethereum but had issues with cost, speed, and complexity needed to achieve our long term goals,” said Kling of what Kronoverse originally planned to do when building CryptoFights. “We chose BSV because it focused on scaling which amounts to fast and cheap transactions that we needed to enable high-performance gaming applications.”

In-game items are truly owned by players in blockchain games.

Choosing a technology that’s scalable and economical is key when creating a blockchain game since players can own, trade, and sell in-game items. These items can include everything from player skins to weapons depending on the game being played. BSV makes it possible for transactions to happen at a significantly lower cost which is a plus for both the gamers and game developers. Gamers don’t have to worry about forking over more money when doing in-game activities like customizing a character in a role-playing game. BitcoinSV games will also be less likely to bottleneck or slow down since they can handle millions of transactions in an efficient manner.

2. Creating a transparent network

When compared to traditional video games, a game built on BSV allows for a more transparent, open community. Games built on BSV give players and developers the opportunity to review every move taken in a game since all activity is recorded on a public ledger. This recorded data is permanently saved on BSV thus resulting in an auditable trail.

Transparent networks increase gaming integrity due to its open nature.

Traditional video games do not allow gamers to review past matches unlike games built on BSV such as CryptoFights. Competitors of traditional games are not able to have access to the in-depth network analytics that are available through this level of transparency will increase integrity in competitive gaming because it will be easier to identify cheaters and keep honest gamers happy.

The future of Bitcoin SV moving forward in the gaming industry

As more games start to use BSV, gamers can focus on being the best gamers they can be whether they’re just playing for fun with friends or battling for cash prizes. The stability of BSV will give competitive players and game developers confidence to keep investing their skills in blockchain games. The gaming community can count on greater gaming integrity during matches and can focus on having fun thanks to the integrity of games built on BSV.