What makes eSports such a big deal?

Competitive gaming started off as a casual hobby. However, for many people around the world, that’s no longer the case due to financial incentives. It’s expected that the eSports market will hit $1.1 billion in revenue by the end of 2019. Below are multiple factors that contribute to the rise of eSports:

Rise of official competitive leagues and tournaments

As the top gamers have participated in organized leagues and tournaments, the level and quality of competition have increased. The organized gameplay has given a platform for eSports fans to watch and learn from many of the best gamers in the world. The list of top leagues includes the Overwatch League, League of Legends Championship, and the Call of Duty World League. Some of the top tournaments that have received a great deal of social media publicity are The International, Intel Extreme Masters, and the Fortnite World Cup Finals. These leagues and tournaments each have millions of dollars in prize money to reward only the best.

Sponsorships and scholarships

The presence of eSports continues to grow due to sponsorships and scholarships. Nike is no longer solely sponsoring international sports stars like Maria Sharapova or squads like the Argentina Rugby Union team. Major brands such as Nike, Puma, and Adidas are now sponsoring top-ranked eSports gamers as well with gear. 

College students who are high-level gamers can use eSports as a way to pay for school thanks to eSports scholarships. In fact, close to 200 U.S. colleges are offering approximately $15 million a year in scholarships according to Wired. This amount of money offered by schools has more than doubled since 2015. As the financial opportunity continues to grow for college students, so will the number of competitive gamers in higher education.

Rockstar status within the gaming community

It’s only a matter of time before the best gamers reach the same household name status as athletes like Serena Williams and Mike Trout. The best players in eSports are have earned several million dollars and also have growing follower counts on social media. One example of a gamer who is gaining rockstar status is Johan “N0tail” Sundstein. Sundstein has earned close to $7 million so far in his gaming career and has 213k followers on Twitter. While these numbers may seem small compared to the earnings of LeBron James, total prize money won along with social media fame will continue to grow for eSports gamers.

Bigger payouts lead to greater player development

As the financial stakes increase, the better players will become at their respective games of choice as shown by the large prize pools players are competing for. This chance for bigger payouts is a real opportunity for anyone who battles for monetary prizes on Cryptofights. With Cryptofights, players compete for real money against other gamers. Buy-ins start at $0.50 and the rewards only get bigger as players level up and improve. This system rewards players who are serious gamers and want to get better.

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