What are CryptoFights Ability Scores?

Your motivation to win in CryptoFights is real because the cash prizes are real. To develop the best winning fighter possible in CryptoFights, you need to understand Ability Scores. These scores broken down into three categories: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence. How you develop each Ability Score will play out differently with the three different CryptoFights Fighter Races: Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. Your development of Ability Scores also determines which weapons you’ll be able to use in battle. Before we dive into the details of Fighter Races and Ability Scores, we’ll breakdown each of the Ability Scores.

Explanation of Ability Scores


Dwarves are capable of fighting with grit and power.

As you might have guessed, Strength is a measurement of muscle, physical power, and health. You need to have certain levels of Strength to wield Strength-dependent weapons in the Brutal and Assault weapon categories. These weapons include Greatswords and Mauls. Strength levels also determine a fighter’s starting HP and HP bonuses when being leveled up.


Elves fight with stealth and agility.

The measurement of agility, balance, and reflexes are within the scope of Dexterity. These abilities determine initiative, evasion, critical change. Without developing Dexterity, you can’t use Dextrous and Precision weapons like Bows and Crossbows very well.


Humans are great at adapting to different fighting styles.

This Ability Score affects how well your character learns and reasons. Your character’s learning and reasoning ability help it learn how to better attack, counterattack, or defend against an opponent’s move. Spellcasting is a move that requires a decent Intelligence score.

Ability Scores and Fighter Races

As mentioned before, Ability Scores impact each Fighter Race differently. Humans tend to be great all-around fighters. You can train them to wield anything from mauls to swords. Elves naturally do better when they receive an increase to their Dexterity level. Their natural agility and stealth favors weapons like bows and daggers. Dwarves excel even more when their Strength levels are high which also adds to their overall health. Due to their natural Strength, Dwarves excel when fighting with heavy, brutal weapons such as battleaxes.

Always consider your fighting style preferences before you choose a specific race. Use Elves if you prefer to fight like a ninja assassin. Choose to fight as a Dwarf if you fight with a tank-like mindset. Battle as a Human to quickly adapt and customize your fighting style based on your needs.

Weapons, Armor, and Ability Scores

A character’s ability to use specific armor and weapons is affected by a character’s actual Ability Score. If a character doesn’t have the stats needed to wield a weapon or use a particular piece of armor, it can’t be done. You might need 12 Dexterity to use a legendary dagger. Having only 11 Dexterity doesn’t cut it and won’t allow you to use the legendary dagger. The same goes if a certain rare plate armor requires 12 Strength to be used. Remember that the better your Ability Scores, the more chances you’ll have to use the better gear.

As you become more familiar with Ability Scores and their direct relationship with Fighter Races, weapons, and armor, you’ll be more competitive in CryptoFights. Don’t forget to subscribe to the CryptoFights email lists to receive the latest tips and strategies!