Meet Valeria, one of the creative minds behind the world of CryptoFights

CryptoFights is a skill-based fantasy fighting game that has become a reality thanks to its dedicated, talented team. One member of the CryptoFights team is responsible for much of the fantastic art that brings CryptoFights to life is Valeria Stoyanova. Valeria is the lead UI/UX designer for CryptoFights and finds satisfaction that comes from inspiring others through her work.

Here’s more from Valeria in this quick Q&A!

Q: Will you share with me your art background?

A: I'm a former tattoo artist and a self-taught UX/UI designer - I started tattooing at home when I was 17, then worked at a few tattoo studios.
A friend of mine was a graphic designer & suggested I try it out. I was doing it as a hobby in my free time & after a while, I sent out my CV at a couple of places got offered a UI designer position at a company that makes online casino games. After 2 years there, I decided to go back to freelancing. During this time I did some small design tasks for CryptoFights in between other projects, and eventually joined the team permanently as the lead UI/UX designer. I still draw for fun & have a Twitch channel where I sometimes do traditional art on paper and photoshop drawings. ( I haven't been active on there in about 4 years though! )

Q: How do you find inspiration in your work? What motivates you to create?

A: For me, art is all about making people go ‘Woah!’ or feeling a certain way - I used to get in trouble for doodling on the walls at home or on my desk in class as a kid, but it was so much fun getting reactions out of people and not having to follow any rules. Designing and UI/UX is kind of the same, but also the opposite - there are many rules that you have to follow and oftentimes there are also technical requirements that you have to consider, so you can’t just do whatever you want.

I didn’t like it at first but learned to love it because you’re not just making a single icon or just an animation, you’re creating an entire experience. If you manage to put everything together nicely, follow all the rules and technical requirements and get it right, it's so much more satisfying to get that ‘Woah!’ in the end. It’s kind of like the grown-up version of what I used to do as a kid, but I’ve leveled up now - so most of the time it still feels like just having fun & doing your own thing.

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