Meet Adam Kling, the founder and CEO of Kronoverse

Created by Adam Kling, Kronoverse uses blockchain technology to provide solutions to long-time problems of legacy gaming and esports. Adam’s path to starting a platform that can provide true transparency for gamers and game developers was started well before the launch of Kronoverse in January 2019. Here’s how Adam went from working as a programmer decades ago to creating a platform set to disrupt the esports industry:

How his entrepreneurial journey started

In the 1990s well before Kronoverse was ever launched, Adam started his professional career in programming. He worked for a data processing company for less than a year before being employed by startup creating software for contract management.

Clocking in every day as an employee grew old for Adam as he learned that he wanted to be in control of his own career path. This realization led to Adam starting a web hosting company in 2002 during the early days of web hosting. The web hosting company was successful and Adam was able to sell it in 2004.

Adam then transitioned into performance marketing from 2005 to 2010. During this time, Adam focused his energy in different areas such as online and marketing automation strategies and scaling existing operations. He committed more time to personal ventures after working in the performance marketing industry until learning about Bitcoin for the first time in 2013.

Combining Bitcoin and gaming

Adam kept watching the development of blockchain technology with interest. Due to his love of competitive gaming, Adam started to think of ways blockchain technology could revolutionize the esports industry. What piqued his interest in the power of blockchain games was coming across a blockchain game called CryptoKitties in 2017 where people could trade digital tokenized assets. He saw blockchain gaming in action, its potential, and started to work on solving problems in the esports industry.

How Kronoverse can change the esports industry

Like every industry, the esports industry has its set of problems that have been frustrating to both players and developers. These problems include game fixing and cheating in tournaments. Adam officially brought Kronoverse to life in January 2019 to create the next generation esports platform for gamers and game developers. How does Kronoverse provide solutions to these problems? Here are just a handful of ways Kronoverse helps the esports industry rise to the next level:

  • Permanent game history: Anyone who is a part of Kronoverse has the ability to review in-game actions. Every move and action every taken is recorded permanently and can’t be altered. This ability helps expose cheaters and increase the integrity of competitive gaming.
  • A functional marketplace: In-game items are tokenized and recorded on the blockchain ledger so players truly own items. Records of item ownership can’t be changed or altered by anyone else.
  • Betting on esports: Thanks to the power of blockchain technology, Kronoverse is able to gather and process game data that can be used for in-game esports betting. This system will position esports gambling to be scalable as regulations increase.

With these features and more, Adam knows that he can change esports for the better with blockchain technology.

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