Major Improvements Coming to CryptoFights

We have listened to the community and early beta testers and are going to be working on bringing improvements to CryptoFights that will improve many aspects of the gameplay.

Single Player Experience

We heard from players that they wanted a single player experience to get to know the game more and understand the mechanics before they entered paid matches. So we are creating a campaign mode that all new players will start out in to build their new fighter into their own configuration. Some examples are do you want to become a long distance fighter with a bow and arrow or an upclose fighter that uses strength based weapons or dexterity weapons like daggers. This will result in unique fighters at the end of the campaign before entering the battle portal to face off with other human opponents. In the single player experience you will face off with many opponents that will drop loot to get you some inventory to use in your journey and in the real money tournaments.

Improved Matchmaking & 1vs1 Tournaments

Match making with how it works currently makes it very difficult to match with the same level opponent and in the same tier. So we are going to redesign this process to flatten the player base so all players will have access to ALL skills and traits but will have to strategically decide on four skills to equip and only two traits in battle.


Once you equip your skills and traits you will need to decide on the weapons and armor to equip as well.

Battle Portal

The battle portal will be improved to help players discover other players that are in line and give it more of a tournament feel. This is in preparation for larger elimination bracket tournaments that we will bring in the future. Matches will commence every 5 minutes and you will have three tiers (bronze, silver, and gold) to start with the possibility of more being added in the future. We will also have a log on the bottom left that will alert you on other players entering queue or leveling up.


Cashier System

We are creating a cashier system for the real money mode battles. Here you will be able to deposit and cashout your winnings. We currently are planning on having credit card and bank transfers support first and adding more payment options later (including BSV). This will be part of the Kronoverse platform that will be used across games in the network. This means you can become a professional gamer in no time with the Kronoverse Platform!

Stay tuned for more information on these improvements over the coming weeks and months. Please visit our telegram channel for beta testing access: