How do esports athletes make their money?

You’ve probably heard of gamers making money because of their skills and following. The number of professional gamers continues to grow as more attention moves to the esports industry. How are these esports athletes getting paid? Which activities directly contribute to more cash in the bank accounts of the top gamers? Below are a few ways esports athletes can make a living and how you can start getting paid for your gaming skills:

Winning tournaments

The potential to make large amounts of money through gaming tournaments is available around the world. Elite gamers like Johan Sundstein and Jesse Vainikka have each made more than $6 million dollars from doing well in top tournament play. Both Sundstein and Vainikka have made their millions from playing Dota 2. The most popular games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, and Fortnite continue to provide top tier gamers with opportunities to make money equivalent to some of the players in traditional sports leagues like the NBA and MLB.

Streaming on Twitch/YouTube

Not only can esports athletes get paid through tournament play, but they can also make money by streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Esports athletes can get paid in different ways through streaming platforms such as getting donations/tips from their fans and paid subscriptions. This is a lucrative option for gamers because it gives them the chance to earn money all year round without having to wait for competitions they can enter.

Tipping via streaming

YouTube has a tipping service named Super Chat that gives fans a chance to buy chat animations known as Super Stickers. Gamers who receive Super Stickers from their supporters earn a small percentage of what the supporters paid for the Super Stickers.

Facebook has its own tipping service dealing with Stars. Viewers can send virtual goodwill by buying and sending your Stars which give you a cent per Star. Facebook streamers can also raise funds for non-profits through Facebook.

Have you used Mixer? Mixer gives viewers a chance to earn Sparks by watching streams. Mixer viewers can then use the Sparks to buy Skills which are animation and gifs. You’ll get a payout when you receive enough Skills. Mixers viewers can take it to the next level by purchasing Embers and gain cooler Skills leading to more payouts.

Paid subscriptions

Another way esports athletes can generate an income through streaming is with paid subscriptions from their followers. Depending on the streaming platform, gaming fans can pay with PayPal, credit cards, or Amazon Pay. Platforms require gamers to meet certain requirements to be able to benefit from this service.

Dedicated fans are willing to pay for subscriptions because they tend to receive access to limited content such as behind the scenes videos. Fans can also receive thank you shoutouts during live streams depending on how a gamer chooses to engage with his/her fans.

Company sponsorships

As revenue opportunities continue to grow, so does the involvement of companies who want a piece of the action. Companies such as BMW, Totino’s, and Red Bull are sponsoring esports teams. Sponsorships range from branded swag to video ads with gamers talking about their favorite products. These lucrative deals can be worth millions of dollars a year. For example, the League of Legends Pro League’s four year deal with Nike is estimated to be worth more than $7.4 million a year. Check out some of the biggest sponsorship deals in the world:

  • U.S. Air Force sponsorship of Cloud9 CSGO team valued at $161 billion
  • Disney’s Marvel sponsorship of Team Liquid valued at $130 billion
  • Pepsi’s Mountain Dew sponsorship Team Dignitas and Splyce valued at $100 billion
  • Comcast Xfinity sponsorship Evil Geniuses and Philadelphia Fusion valued at $84.5 billion
  • Coca-Cola sponsorship of League of Legends World Championship valued at $70 billion
  • Honda sponsorship of Team Liquid for the LCS valued at $50.4 billion
  • Red Bull sponsorship of Tempo Storm valued at $19.5 billion

These aren’t all of the sponsorships that are currently happening in the esports industry but this list gives you an idea of how much money is involved. As more companies continue to pump money into the competitive gaming space, the esports community will continue to grow.

How you can start getting paid

Luckily for the common gamer, CryptoFights makes it possible to get paid for your time and passion. You don’t need to have the following that gamers like Ninja (22.7 million YouTube subscribers) and Azzyland (11.1 million YouTube subscribers) have to make money. CryptoFights pits you against other players around the world as you battle for real cash prizes. As you get better and rack up more victories, you’ll have more chances to play for bigger amounts of money. Every bit of cash you win is yours to keep.

Another way you can make money through CryptoFights is by selling in-game items in the Kronoverse Marketplace. Set to be released later in 2020, the Kronoverse Marketplace will give gamers true item ownership. All users will be able to sell unwanted and duplicate items for profit. For example, every time you win a match in CryptoFights, you’re awarded loot which includes XP and an item. If you are awarded a Common Shortsword which you already have, you can take the duplicate item and sell it to have more cash to play with.

As you can see, there are many different ways to make money in the esports industry. From tournaments to streaming to sponsorships to battling on CryptoFights, there are ways to turn your favorite hobby into a legitimate source of income. Remember that you don’t have to be on the same level as the best esports athletes in the world to make money through gaming. Just get started and have fun while you’re doing what you love!