Hide: One of the most Complex game Actions to spice up your Gameplay

Hey everyone, going to give you a quick update with CryptoFights. I am going to show you what hiding is and why you would want to use it. Why evasion is so essential when strategizing and why having high intelligence counters things like hiding.

Let's talk about hiding. To hide you must succeed a dexterity check against your opponent. So you roll a green die, and if your roll is higher than your opponent's perception, you are no longer visible, and he can't attack you.

Figuring out what kind of build you want for your fighter is vital since specific strategies can open up weaknesses.

When you are hidden, you can't be attacked until your opponent "finds" you by succeeding an intelligence check against your evasion. They have to roll higher than your evasion score.

You can use hide as a defensive strategy to heal or activate buffs as well as offensively since you have advantage on all attacks while hidden.

There are many strategies to use in CryptoFights, and we can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!