Here are the 10 different damage types in CryptoFights

A skill-based strategy fighting game, CryptoFights gives players a chance to test their skills. Players increase their chances of winning by learning more about the different moves available to them.

Below are the ten different damage types available in CryptoFights. The first three damage types are mundane damage types which are the most common and the only damage types fighters will deal with up to level three. The remaining seven types are reserved for specialized skills and high-level weapons.

  1. Slashing: This damage type involves swords and other weapons that cut. One thing you should understand is that most fighter builds that rely on strength will deal slashing damage.
  1. Piercing: Fighters who use projectiles use this damage type. To be effective with piercing weapons, you need to invest in dexterity. Investing in your fighter’s dexterity helps you move quickly and with precision.
  1. Bludgeoning: If you use bludgeoning weapons, this means you’re using weapons such as mauls and quarterstaffs. Bludgeoning attacks are effective when delivered by strong fighters.
  1. Fire: This damage type is a Magical Elemental type. Fire does more damage than other elemental types.
  1. Cold: While Cold doesn’t do as much damage as Fire, it reduces your opponent’s ability to escape your future attacks. Slowing down your opponents also helps you make up a bit for any speed you might be lacking.
  1. Lightning: This damage type is also another Magical Elemental type like Fire and Cold. You may not have as much control with Lightning damage but there is a remote possibility to critically damage your target.
  1. Poison: You’re definitely playing the long game by opting for Poison damage. This is because Poison applies damage over the course of multiple turns. An opponent’s hit points can be significantly depleted over time when poisoned. Depending on your fighter’s skills, you can coat your weapons with poison.
  1. Necrotic: A Magical damage type, Necrotic damage reduces maximum hitpoints in such a way that they cannot be healed. This reduces opportunities for a comeback by your opponent during battle.
  1. Warfare: This damage type is one that warriors use. Warfare is a specific damage type that opponents need special armor to mitigate.
  1. Mystic: Similar to Warfare, Mystic is a damage type that also requires opponents to wear special armor to handle the effects of it. The biggest difference between Warfare and Mystic is that Mystic has some lore behind it.

How you develop your fighter determines which damage types will be the most effective for you in battle. This comes down to understanding how CryptoFights Ability Scores work which you can learn more about here:

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