Every Common CryptoFights weapon and how to use them

Warriors need to know everything about their weapon of choice in order to win on the battlefield. The CryptoFights Ability Scores you choose to develop will determine which weapon will be the most effective for you. Common CryptoFights weapons are a step above Poor weapons which puts Common weapons in a lower-tier category. Here’s a quick breakdown of every single Common CryptoFights weapon and how they’re used in battle:


A reliable weapon, Shortswords are a great choice for people who prefer to develop an all-around fighter. This Common weapon is effective in the hands of a Human fighter with a decent balance of Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity. It’s not an ideal weapon for you if you enjoy fighting from a distance.


This Common weapon doesn’t look threatening but it can definitely dish out a lot of damage. It can be used both defensively and offensively. Due to its length, you don’t have to close the distance as much as when you use the Shortsword to attack. Quarterstaff can be particularly effective in the hands of a Human or Dwarf who has decent Strength.


Like the Quarterstaff, you don’t have to be in your opponent’s face to attack with a Pike. You’ll have an easier time defeating enemies who use quilted armor since quilted armor isn’t very effective against piercing weapons like Pikes.


Mauls require Strength and the use of both hands. If you fight with a tank-like mindset and love the opportunities to destroy but don’t mind taking a few hits in the process, Mauls are for you. Going to battle with a Maul is an awesome choice if your fighter is a Dwarf due to the natural Strength of the Dwarf race.


Like Mauls, Maces also require a higher level of Strength and do not allow for dual-wielding when equipped. A Mace is also another impressive weapon in the hands of a Dwarf. It gives your fighter the ability to deliver powerful strikes due to its blunt form.


While it is a sword like a Shortsword, it’s longer than a Shortsword and is too heavy to be wielded with one hand. Its length and weight give it a lot of leverage Greatswords are formidable weapons in the hands of Human fighters and Dwarves.


Compared to the Common weapons listed above, Daggers require a higher level of Dexterity to be used. Elves naturally have more Dexterity so using Daggers in battle is a reliable choice. Despite requiring your fighter to close the distance in order to be used, Daggers are good at piercing armor and useful in sneak attacks.


This Common weapon is similar to Maces and Mauls. Its bludgeoning ability thanks to its weight and length deliver destruction with every swing. Clubs are an excellent choice in the hands of a Human or Dwarf.


Bows are the ultimate distance weapon in CryptoFights. Bows require higher levels of Dexterity to be used in battle. You can stay out of harm’s way if you understand how to evade attacks while firing lethal arrows as an Elf.


This two-handed weapon is all about gritty combat. The blade of the battleaxe plus its size makes it possible for devastating blows to happen with each swing. Battleaxes are often favored by players who fight with Dwarves and Humans.

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