CryptoFights strategy: Weapons for strong fighters

Part of your success in CryptoFights depends on your understanding of which weapons are most effective for your fighter. The more you become a student of the game, the higher your chances are of winning in the arenas of CryptoFights. Ability Scores are how you can develop your fighter in this blockchain game by Kronoverse. The three categories of Ability Scores are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.

The possibilities are endless of what your fighter can do depending on how you manage each Ability Score. For example, if you have a fighter with a high level of Dexterity such as an Elf, a dagger will be more effective in the hands of that fighter than a lance or maul. Fighters with higher levels of Intelligence are able to learn and reason. Intelligent fighters are better at counterattacking and defending. Dwarves naturally have higher levels of Strength but CryptoFights races like Humans can be trained to use weapons that require Strength.

We’ll walk you through five different CryptoFights weapons that are especially powerful in the hands of a fighter with a higher level of Strength.


The base damage type of a Maul is Bludgeoning. It’s considered a Brutal Assault weapon and is Heavy which is why it requires a great deal of Strength to wield. In fact, a Maul requires the use of both hands to use when fighting for cash prizes. You can count on consistent results when you choose to use a Maul in battle.


You can’t dual-wield weapons when you opt for a Mace. Like the Maul, the base damage type for a Mace is also Bludgeoning. Maces hit with an incredibly heavy impact. This weapon has concussive power with every swing and can quickly end a fight. The attack property of a Mace is Brutal Assault. It’s an intimidating weapon and everyone should take you seriously should you decide to step in the arena with a Mace in your hands.


One of the bonuses of choosing the Quarterstaff is its length. You can keep your enemies at bay and you don’t have to close the distance like you would if you were using something like a Shortsword in battle. The base damage type for Quarterstaffs is Bludgeoning. Its attack property is Dextrous Assault and has the variant properties of Heavy and Swift. You can have the damage of a Bludgeoning weapon while moving with quickness and speed.


Unlike the previous weapons mentioned before this, the Greatsword’s base damage type is Slashing. However, it is classified as a Brutal Assault weapon and its variant property is Heavy. You don’t crush your enemies with a Greatsword because of its blade. With a Greatsword, you can slice and sever your way to victory in the arenas of CryptoFights.


Out of all of the weapons listed, the Pike stands out on its own because its base damage type is not Bludgeoning but Piercing. Sure, it’s a Brutal Assault weapon as well but its variant property is Strenuous. Pikes are reliable weapons and allow you to keep your distance when attacking which is similar to Quarterstaffs.