Blockchain tech trends you need to be ready for in 2020

How we interact and conduct business online continues to change at a faster rate than before. This is definitely the case with the evolution of blockchain technology which is something we’re a part of here at Kronoverse. The potential of blockchain technology has yet to be fully realized. We’ll only know what we’re capable of doing with the blockchain as time passes and blockchain integration occurs. In order for you to keep up with what’s happening, here are a handful of blockchain tech trends you need to be ready for in 2020:

Decentralized communities mean greater trust

More and more people are calling the rise of blockchain the next Internet 3.0. In case you don’t know, the era of basic HTML sites is known as Internet 1.0 and the last several years of social networks have been called Internet 2.0. The decentralized nature of blockchain technology makes it the natural option for people to start using. Why? Blockchain technology increases transparency since blockchain servers are accessible and reviewable by all users, unlike social media servers. People can easily track everything they’ve ever done from renting movies to competitive gaming. The openness of blockchain technology makes it more scalable to government regulation unlike social networks such as Facebook which have struggled with privacy issues.

More purchases will be made with blockchain

When you think about it, the way we pay for goods and services has evolved over time. This includes everything from bartering to paying with salt and other items. Payments turned into debit cards and credit cards backed by printed money. How we are compensated for work is on the verge of changing again with the growing popularity of blockchain currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This evolution in currency is taking place in different industries. Here are a handful of businesses that take Bitcoin as payment:

  • Etsy (e-commerce, some Etsy sellers accept Bitcoin)
  • OKCupid (dating site)
  • Zynga (mobile apps/games)
  • PizzaForCoins (pizza delivery)
  • CheapAir (travel/hotel booking agency)

Companies will be looking to hire blockchain experts

Just as the need for social media experts exponentially increased in recent years, the same demand for blockchain experts will happen. Since more purchases will be made with blockchain, more companies will want a piece of the action. These experts could either work in-house or hired as a virtual consultant to fill different roles any company will need to thrive in the blockchain ecosystem. If you’re someone who has the knowledge and skills to help businesses grow with blockchain tech, you’ll be sure to have a job.

All of these trends are coming to life thanks to the adoption and usage of blockchain technology. These are trends we’re a part of here at Kronoverse. Kronoverse serves as a platform for a gaming multiverse which we know you’ll love using. You’ll be able to enjoy competitive gaming on a decentralized, transparent platform thanks to an open and transparent gaming network.

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