4 ways to set yourself up for success on CryptoFights

Being the best fighter you can be on CryptoFights can literally pay off because you’re competing for real cash prizes.

Your ability to win on CryptoFights depends on your understanding of the game, how to think critically and make great decisions on the battlefield. The more you know, the tougher you will be as you compete for loot and cash prizes in this blockchain game. Here are four ways to set yourself up for success on CryptoFights:

1. Pay attention to Bram the Brave

Bram the Brave teaches you the fighting fundamentals of CryptoFights.

Every legendary warrior starts his/her journey with a seasoned, wise mentor. In CryptoFights, your guide is Bram the Brave. You’re able to gain a solid foundation that will carry you through the toughest battles thanks to Bram the Brave’s knowledge. 

He’ll walk you through basic gameplay strategy and mechanics which will help you understand how to navigate the world of CryptoFights. As you unlock new battlegrounds, Bram’s former student Aurora the Fierce will be there to tell you more about those battlegrounds. She’s proof of Bram’s teaching abilities which shows you what you can become as you train under Bram’s tutelage.

Take your time as you go through the tutorial to gain the fundamentals you need to be a true CryptoFights warrior.

2. Experiment with different strategies

Test out which damage types are the most effective for you on the battlefield.

Always be open to trying out various fighting styles! As you develop your CryptoFights fighter, you will unlock different abilities and weapons. You might start off by racking up wins with Shortswords but end up using actions such as Burn because your fighter can start accessing the power of the elements. 

Remember that there are pros and cons to every type of fighter you create and every fighting style you choose to use in battle. For example, greatly increasing your Strength Ability Score means you can be effective with powerful weapons like Mauls and Battleaxes but you will struggle with handling weapons that require more Dexterity such as Daggers and Bows. 

Another example is that each fighter race has its own unique set of benefits and weaknesses. Dwarves automatically receive +2 to all Resistances. Elves don’t have the same toughness as Dwarves but receive +10 Initiative and +1 Evasion. Humans aren’t as strong as Dwarves and lack the same amount of Initiative as Elves but receive +1 to all Ability Scores making them more adaptable.

Don’t be afraid to test out any ideas since there are so many ways to achieve victory on the battlefield!

3. Participate in the forum

You'll learn about the latest tips and strategies in the Kronoverse forum.

The Kronoverse forum is a growing community you can count on. In the forum, you can stay on top of everything from the latest news coverage on CryptoFights to fight tips, game updates, and in-game strategies.

You’ll also learn about the most recent game updates and developments from the forum. The forum makes it easy to follow the development of in-game artwork and in-game play. You can find posts about the improvements being made in CryptoFights on a regular basis and how those improvements will affect your gameplay.

Participating in the Kronoverse forum also gives you insight into different moves and which weapons to use depending on the fighter you’ve created. For example, here’s the link to a forum post that talks about two weapons that are effective in the hands of a fighter with high Dexterity: https://bit.ly/30tVJfh

If you have any specific gameplay questions or want advice from your fellow players, the Kronoverse forum is the perfect place to get the answers you need. You can also share your knowledge and gaming insight on the forum as well.

4. Invite your friends to test your skills

Battle for bragging rights and cash on CryptoFights!

Do you want to get a better idea of how much you’ve improved since you started playing CryptoFights? Invite your friends to battle you on CryptoFights. Not only will you gain bragging rights but you’ll also quickly find out how good you actually are. The more friends you have to join you on CryptoFights, the more fun you’ll be sure to have as you compete for pride and cash prizes.

Follow these tips to truly be the best at CryptoFights! Doing everything from following the direction and advice of Bram the Brave to actively participating in the CryptoFights community will help you quickly develop your skills. 

You’ll definitely be stronger and understand what it takes to win in this fun blockchain game. After all, how many games give you the chance to get paid for your skills while playing in the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose to compete?