4 ways blockchain games are different from traditional video games

As blockchain video games grow in popularity, it’s important to understand the difference between blockchain games and traditional video games. There’s more to platforms like Kronoverse harnessing the power of blockchain technology and accepting currency such as Bitcoin to fuel transactions. Blockchain games and traditional games operate differently internally despite not being limited to certain devices like smartphones and desktop computers. Here are four ways blockchain games are different from traditional video games:

You actually own game items/assets

Unlike traditional games available on platforms like the XBOX One and PS4, the in-game items you earn in a blockchain game stay with you. You ‘own’ every item/asset you won, collected, or purchased and keep it in your virtual wallet. This ensures that you don’t risk losing any in-game items you own in the event of a game crashing mid-match or your account getting suspended. For example, you still keep all of the armor and weapons you own if you lose Internet connection after winning a CryptoFights battle. Even if your account is suspended, you can still trade items and not be completely locked out. Blockchain tech also enables you to track all transactions from purchases to trades.

Decentralization leads to freedom

Blockchain games are different from traditional video games such as Grand Theft Auto and FIFA thanks to decentralization. Unlike traditional video games you’ve played, blockchain games allow you to track and analyze every action you’ve ever taken as well as the moves of other players. The decentralized nature of blockchain games increases freedom and security which is felt by players and game developers. Game developers have an innovative ecosystem to create in which provides more for gamers to enjoy.

Easily replay past games due to permanent storage

You risk losing everything you’ve worked hard to achieve due to the centralized nature of traditional video games. That’s not the case with blockchain games thanks to decentralization as mentioned before. For example, all game data on the Kronoverse platform will be archived to the blockchain. This allows games to be stored permanently. Games that have been stored permanently can be broadcasted using Kronoverse’s Twitch-like match viewer allowing for game replays. This means you can go back and study past matches to learn from mistakes and successes in order improve your knowledge and abilities.

Transparency means greater confidence

Have you ever wondered what happens behind-the-scenes of traditional video games you love playing? With blockchain games, you can actually a peek into the back end thanks to its transparent nature. You can review past games as mentioned before due to the permanent storage available in and transparency of blockchain games. This level of transparency increases the confidence level that gamers and developers have in a game. Instead of the gamers wondering what’s happening in the server of game they’ve invested hours in, they can review every action taken by developers and other gamers. This provides opportunities to collaborate and frequently improve blockchain games.

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