10 terms every Cryptofights player needs to know

Getting up to speed in Cryptofights is a lot easier when you know the lingo of the game! Cryptofights is a strategic turn-based game on the blockchain that gives you the chance to win real money. Since money is on the line, we want you to have the best shot possible at winning. 

Test your fighting knowledge and abilities on CryptoFights!

Here are 10 terms you need to be familiar with as a Cryptofights player.

  1. Tiers: In Cryptofights, there are 6 tiers in total. Tier 1 is the lowest and tier 6 is the highest. With every win, you earn experience points that allow you to climb to the next tier. You don’t have to worry about fighting against anyone who is significantly better than you since you’ll only be matched against other players who are in the same tier.
  2. Loot drops: At the end of a battle, the winner gets items along with his/her cash prize which include weapons and armor. The quality of the loot drop reflects the tier of the player who won. As you level up, the chances of you winning rare, epic, or legendary loot increases.
  3. Ability Scores: The three Ability Scores are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Strength is a measurement of muscle, physical power, and health. Dexterity measures agility, balance, and reflexes. Intelligence is your fighter’s ability to learn and reason.
  4. Weapon Die: Weapons have a designated die or set of dice that used for the damage roll. Bigger, heavier weapons typically have a higher number of dice with more faces to deal out more damage.
  5. Base Damage Type: There are three common categories for the types of damage weapons dish out. They are Slashing, Piercing, and Bludgeoning. Slashing weapons include swords or anything cuts. Piercing weapons are projectiles such as arrows. Mauls and quarterstaffs fit in the category of Bludgeoning weapons.
  6. Required Stats: In order to use certain weapons, you need to meet specific Ability Score requirements. For example, you might need 12 Dexterity to equip a legendary dagger. Remember that just because you can’t wield a weapon at the moment doesn’t mean you won’t have the opportunity to do so later on in Cryptofights.
  7. Skill Tree: The Skill Tree is a pool of skills that build on themselves as you win battles and climb tiers. There are 40 unique skills in Cryptofights which gives you 50,000+ unique configurations. Some skills have prerequisites to unlock them.
  8. Armor: You receive fighter resistance to different damage types. There are five different types of armor. They are Quilted (Light), Leather (Medium), Mail (Heavy), and Plate (Massive). Your tier determines which types of armor you will have access to.
  9. Item Quality: There are six different quality types of items from lowest to highest are Poor, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. In Cryptofights, the item quality is proportional to the item’s level requirement which unlike many other RPGs. Poor weapons are practice weapons that you’ll use until you get your first real crypto weapon.
  10. Tournaments: Tournaments are different from regular play since they’re specialized queues that happen within a battleground. Tournaments are timed events with entry fees and prizes that vary. XP and loot drops are processed normally within after a battle.

Are there are any terms you would like to learn more about? Let us know in the comments below!